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Our Story

It all started about fifteen years ago...

when Mr. Brecher was searching for a cure for his athlete’s foot condition. He discovered that probiotics is the solution after doing extensive research and teaming up with the right scientists.

They were meticulous in their selectiveness of each
variable within each strain they were including, and there are 40-50 variables in each strain to choose from!

Mr. Brecher went down to a few labs until he figured out where to get the most effective strains and had it formulated by his scientists. He went on
to develop various specialized probiotics, some for babies, etc., under the ProDermix seal. This Optimal Support probiotics that they created now is designed for the “everyday person for every day use!”
"Since then," he continues, "we’ve taken feedback
from our customers and together with our scientists
formulated our new products."

Our Clients' Stories

"I started taking a daily probiotic for digestive issues. I was
surprised at the difference I felt in my whole body. My energy
levels increased, my skin cleared up... I thought I felt ok before,
but now I feel so much better.

I never expected a daily probiotic to have such a strong effect."
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