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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all there is to know about Prodermix and probiotics in general.

An informed customer is a healthy customer.

Is it true that ProDermix probiotics can relieve the FLU?

Believe it or not, probiotics are truly amazing! Flu be gone!

John Taylor ND is a probiotic specialist and believer. In his book "The Wonder Of Probiotics", he relates how he got rid of Flu symptoms in 8 hours!

He woke up one morning with all the signs of the flu. He was nauseous and vomiting. He consumed a potent probiotic containing five effective hard species and went to bed. The next eight hours he continued taking another dose every two hours. By 5 Pm he was symptom free. He had no more nausea, no more vomiting, no more diarrhea and no more aching. He was a new person.

This story is just one example of the amazing effects probiotics can have on the health and fitness of your body in its entirety, and especially relieving flu symptoms.

Can probiotics achieve some relief for Osteoporosis?

Researchers from Gothenburg University in Sweden have discovered, that good probiotics can diminish bone loss for elderly women by 50 Percent!

(Source: Journal of Internal Medicin, 2018;)

Do Alzheimer’s and Dementia have any hope with probiotic consumption?

A Recently Published article in the FASEB Journal* stated that a chicory compound improved memory in mice in laboratory tests.

The scientists comcluded that it may help improve memory for patients with Alzheimer's and/or Dementia.

*Food And Science Engineering University Yangling, China (for full information go to

Does Athlete,s foot fungus diminish when one consumes probiotics?

Athlete's foot fungus is classified medically as a dermatophyte (also called "ringworm") and related to other fungus infections, such as jock itch. These fungal dermatophytes attack dead cells of the skin and create a kind of dermatitis.

Probiotic therapy, consuming probiotics on a regular basis, has been noted to ease and soothe athlete's foot, which is characterized by skin tenderness, itchiness and peeling. It is important to note that there are hundreds of skin maladies and fungus. Some notable ones are psoriasis, eczema and nail fungus. Some of them are very hardy and difficult to defeat.

Athlete's foot has been identified as one that can be soothed with probiotics.

Please explain in a nutshell what are probiotics and how do they benefit your body?

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that accomplish two major functions:

A. They battle the fungus, parasites and unhealthy bacteria that cling to your intestinal walls. They remove them and enable your digestive system to absorb all the vitamins and minerals into your body's vital organs. In that phase they act as a cleansing agent.

B. They support your immune system and act as a security force by destroying the foreign invaders of pathogenic bacteria. They supply energy to your digestive tract, which is the nerve center of your immune system. After anit-biotic therapy your healthy flora (bacteria) diminishes, probiotics replenish your balance of good flora. (For more details please read our report "Probiotics Defined")

Why is ProDermix superior to other probiotics?

A. ProDermix's potency is guaranteed until expiration date, which is one year from time of manufacture. (Other probiotics claim potency at time of manufacture, which means that 3 or 4 weeks later it can lose up to 90% of its potency.)

B. ProDermix formulas contain prebiotics (FOS or inulin) which can increase the power of the formula up to 1000 times in some cases.

C. The ProDermix formulas are manufactured with very pure and exacting standards. Every batch is tested and retested through independent lab verification before the probiotics are put into the bottle. The strains are classified and categorized with a genetic ID system simiilar to human fingerprinting.

D. ProDermix formulas are assayed by independent labs to verify the potency and hypoallergenic status of the strains listed on the bottle. Lab testing revealed that ProDermix capsules contain overage of 30 to 150 percent more potency than the label states. Prominent probiotics add overage to guarantee the stated amount in case of potency loss.

Does ProDermix help relieve other symptoms besides athletes foot fungus?

Yes. ProDermix is a very strong and potent probiotic that offers a myriad of healthy benefits to many organs of the human body. It is beneficial for more than fifty five various symptoms and malaidees which are listed in our published report "Probiotics Defined."

It is truly amazing how many benefits our probiotics affect the GI tract and the human body in its entirety. New reports come in daily regarding the positive effects of ProDermix.

Are symptoms relieved by Probiotics as reported in your brochures documented by clinical studies?

Yes. The Prodermix Institute of Probiotics ( the research arm of ProDermix) has classified clinical studies conducted at major medical universities worldwide for most of the 55 symptoms address by Prodermix formulas.

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