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Longevity of Life and a Healthy gut strengthens your immune system

a healthy gut is a healthy human being

The great sage and physician, Maimonides, states in his master works that relating to personal health and well-being that the fundamental causes of most sicknesses are attributable to bad eating habits and indigestion. In other words, a healthy gut is a healthy human being.

However, it is important to note that in the same paragraph, he also states, "Even if one eats the finest foods but leads a sedentary lifestyle and does not excersize, that person will become sick and frail". There is no doubt that the probiotic "magic" cannot deliver its benefits to your digestive system if you consume all the wrong foods and don't excersize. Probiotics are only supplements to nutrition, but they are not, and are not intended to be magic pills.

Healthy flora in the digestive tract protects the intestines from invating pathogenic bacteria. Thus, they strengthen the immune system.

Benefits, Benefits, benefits....

When the intestinal tract is well balanced with the necessary probiotics, the immune system can successfully stave off the following known pathogenic bacteria and fungus. Such a well-balanced immune system:

  • Protects agains food poisoning
  • Protects against stomach ulcers
  • Immunizes against lactose and casein intolerance
  • Inhibits digestive cancers
  • Diminishes and eliminates yeast infections (i.e candida and vaginosis)
  • Improves absorpt9ion and generation of B vitamins internally
  • Boosts energy
  • Supports immune system
  • Increases overall health

Consuming potent probiotics regularly contributes to a healthy intestinal tract (gut). Longevity of life and good health depend heavily on the superb functioning of the digestive system.

Boosting Your Energy

A healthy gut makes a healthy human being. It also makes a strong and energetic human being. Consuming probiotics on a constant basis increases and strengthens your energy. One of the positive side effects of taking probiotics for soothing of UTI or yeast infections is the increased energy feeling. A second positive side effect is the impressive boost in the "feel good hormone."




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