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SUPREME Probiotic formula from ProDermix has relieved many dandruff sufferers

"Since I discovered Supreme for Dandruff, I have not seen even one flake of dandruff."

Joseph Stein ~ Wesley Hills, NY

"I'm using Supreme several years and I am dandruff free! "

Why Supreme?

ProDermix® Supreme probiotics address the core root of dandruff symptoms. Dark and moist areas of the body harbor yeast bacteria.

Dandruff stems from yeast (candida) build-up in your body. The thick hair covering your scalp keeps your scalp moist and dark, therefore, candida in the form of dandruff fungus thrives and multiplies on your scalp.

The same holds true for jock itch, athlete’s foot fungus and vaginitis.

Probiotics consumed orally, enter the intestinal tract and destroy the fungus that helps the yeast (candida) to accumulate in various parts of your body.

It is annoying and debilitating, indeed.

After consuming our Supreme formula, many yeast infection sufferers found relief to their problem.