ProDermix – The Most Effective Probiotic is Just for You!

Do You Want to Live Healthier and Be More Energetic?

ProDermix - The Most Effective Probiotic is Just for You!

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The Better Probiotic Supplement

Relieves acne, athletes foot, yeast infections, Crohn’s Disease, colitis, intestinal cleansing, boosts energy, boosts immune system, and more!

You can get a introductory 50-day supply of ProDermix® for just $23.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling!

After your initial 50-day trial, we will continue shipping a bottle every 50 days for only $37 plus $6.95 S/H. You can cancel at any time (by phone or email) if you don’t need any more shipments.


Most people begin seeing relief and increased energy in a week to ten days.

If your body doesn’t experience the benefits of ProDermix® Supreme, just call. We’ll ensure you receive no further shipments… and the first bottle is yours to keep!

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Rush my introductory bottle of the ProDermix® Supreme with over 5 Billion CFU’s so I can relieve my Athlete’s Foot or Yeast Infection now for only $23.95 plus $6.95 shipping and handling so I can relieve my ailing symptoms from athletes foot to yeast infections.

Our Guarantee

I understand that I am protected by your 100% satisfaction guarantee. If I’m not happy with my results, I can cancel before 50 days and receive no further shipments… and the first bottle is mine to keep– no matter what I decide!

See for yourself what customers are saying about this breakthrough probiotics supplement!

ProDermix APD-30 Chewables

“I take a chewable probiotic tablet before bed and I wake up energetic and with a good night’s rest.”

P. A. Spring Valley, NY

“My daughter feels her mind clear and more positive since she takes a chewable ProDermix in the morning.”

Miriam P. Monsey, NY

“Our son feels happier and more energetic when going to school since he started taking ProDermix chewables every day.”

Moshe & Leah S.

ProDermix recommendation from a dentist

“As a dentist, I am often prescribing antibiotics for dental infections or for premedication for patients with certain medical conditions. With each prescription I hand the patient a brochure of ProDermix®. I personally use ProDermix® everyday as a safe effective preventive supplement. Patients with acne and athletes foot have reported excellent results. Of course, ProDermix® is an excellent treatment for digestive disorders such as IBS and Crohn’s. I have interviewed Gastroenterologists and representatives from the Center of Disease Control and all agree on the importance of probiotics. I have found there is a difference in the quality of probiotics and that is why I use and recommend ProDermix®.

– James Doueck, DDS
Dentist and Radio Host at

ProDermix for Acne Relief

“We bought ProDermix for a general probiotic. As a side benefit, we noticed a reduction of my acne and the clearing up of my baby’s diaper rash
Thank You!!”

Tammy H. Brooklyn, NY

“We saw improvement one week after starting the acne kit and it is getting better constantly”

M.N. Cleveland, OH

“I tried all types of creams and nothing helped as ProDermix…Thank you”

M.B. Monsey, NY

“My daughter had a very bad case of acne…but ProDermix is clearing it up. ProDermix is wonderful”

T.S. Los Angeles, CA

“Our daughter had a severe acne case…. ProDermix is doing wonders…”

G.Y. Lakewood, NJ

“My son suffered from acne several years. His face is almost all clear after he started your ProDermix acne kit… Thanks a lot”

M.H. Monsey, NY

“We started the acne kit and the acne became worse. But we persevered and it is clearing up beautifully. ProDermix really works!”

S.L. Brooklyn, NY

“Our daughter suffered from acne a lot. We tried all medicated cream and prescription drugs but nothing worked. After several days of taking ProDermix for acne she started to see improvement. We are very delighted. Thank you!”

H.T. Hollywood, FL

“Six weeks before our daughters wedding her face was red and puffy with pimples. We panicked! ProDermix acne kit saved the day. Three weeks later her puffiness and pimples eased off. On her wedding day her complexion was very pleasant. Thank you, ProDermix”

M.B. Monsey NY

“My face is smoother and softer with less pimples, thanks to ProDermix®.”

Sara K. Spring Valley, NY

“My friends are counting down on my lost pimples.”

Irene P. Monsey, NY

“We are very excited about our daughter’s improved complexion, thanks to ProDermix®.”

Jonathan R. Passaic, NJ

“My face was never this clean and smooth, ProDermix® is wonderful.”

Helen J. Lakewood, NJ

“We saw improvement one week after starting the acne kit and it is getting better constantly.”

M.N. Cleveland, OH

“I tried all types of creams and nothing helped as ProDermix®. Thank you.”

M.B. Monsey, NY

“My daughter had a very bad case of acne, but ProDermix® is clearing it up. ProDermix® is wonderful!”

T.S. Los Angeles, CA

“Our daughter had a severe acne case. ProDermix® is doing wonders!”

G.Y. Lakewood, NJ

“My son suffered from acne several years. His face is almost all clear after he started your ProDermix® acne kit… Thanks a lot.”

M.H. Monsey, NY

“We started the acne kit and the acne became worse. But we persevered and it is clearing up beautifully. ProDermix® really works!”

S.L. Brooklyn, NY

“Our daughter suffered from acne very long we tried all medicated creams and prescription drugs but they did not work. After several days of starting ProDermix® for acne we began seeing improvement. We are very delighted! Thank you ProDermix®!”

H.T. Hollywood, FL

“I tried creams for my acne which was very bad since age 13. I was lost not knowing how to get rid of my acne. Several months ago I saw your ad and began your acne kit and now I look beautiful! Thanks, PorDermix®!”

Miriam L. Monroe, NY

“I had severe acne on my face. After two rounds of ProDermix®, my face cleared up considerably!”

Debra H. Lakewood, NJ

“My sister started your acne care kit and it worked I tried it too and in four weeks I was amazed to see great progress. Thank you!”

Rivka L. Monroe, NY

“I used the acne kit and my face cleared up! Thank You ProDermix!”

Tzurty B., Brooklyn, NY

“My daughter, age 13, uses ProDermix. Her skin has a normal color which wasn’t there before. She feels so much better about herself!”

Chaya L, Fallsburg, NY

“Your acne kit is helping me a lot!”

Nina D., Richmond Hill, NY

ProDermix for Athletes Foot

“My feet were itching and burning terribly. I tried many over the counter creams plus famous imported Dead Sea creams and salves. Nothing helped I started Prodermix and within several days my feet began clearing up from the fungus. ProDermix works. Thank you! ”

S.B. Brooklyn, NY

“I suffered badly from athletes foot fungus, and two sons also had the fungus. We are all using your athletes foot kits and we see tremendous improvement. Thank You!”

JL Brooklyn, NY

“I used to rub my feet on the stairwell and carpet to ease my itching. The feeling was unbearable. Now I am a new person since I discovered your product. Thank you ProDermix”

TR Brooklyn, NY

“As a natural healthcare practitioner, I’m always interested in a good probiotic for my patients. I tried ProDermix® on myself to see its effectiveness and I was very pleased with the results. Within a few short weeks athletes foot improved and I was amazed to notice that my dandruff improved as well. I highly recommend ProDermix® to my patients.”

Dr. Stanley Miller, Chiropractor
offices in Monsey and Brooklyn, NY

“We were at first hesitant about the effectiveness of ProDermix®. We are sure glad with the results. It works great!”

M. Steinmetz Monroe, NY

“We suffered major foot skin fungus problems for many years. ProDermix® is a real relief to all of us. Thank you.”

A.Y.S. Monsey, NY

“The skin fungus of my feet amazingly disappeared after I took ProDermix®. I was at last free from the nightly chore of soaking my feet.”
Eli S. Wesley Hills, NY

“The itchy and scaly skin of my fungus-laden feet became soft as satin after I discovered the amazing ProDermix® supplement.”

Michael P. Spring Valley, NY

“After discovering the unbelievable clearing of my skin fungus through ProDermix®, I am finally freed from the nightly cycle of applying creams and foot solutions.”

Joel H. Brooklyn, NY

“At last – I am free to wear any shoes and socks I choose after the ProDermix® probiotic supplement alleviated my athlete’s foot fungus.”

Judah B.

“My podiatrist complimented my smooth, fungus-free feet and said, ‘Ahh! I see you’re using the cream regularly.’ I answered, ‘No! I’m taking ProDermix®! It’s just a simple pill!’ He would not believe me.”

H.R. Brooklyn, NY

“My son’s feet were burning and itching terribly. Thanks to ProDermix® he is relieved. Thank you.”

M.B. Los Angeles, CA

“Two of my children were suffering from athlete’s foot, but ProDermix® saved the day. Thank you.”

C.H. Oak Park, MI

“My son has an acute case of athlete’s foot, but ProDermix® eased it a lot. Thanks.”

Helen B. London, England

“My husband rubbed a hole in our stair’s carpet from his terrible itching. ProDermix® relieved his itch and saved our carpet. Splendid job. Thank you ProDermix®.”

Rachel S. Brooklyn, NY

ProDermix for Bad Breath

“I suffered from bad breath many years. I would try to keep my distance when talking to people. It was a very debilitating and humbling experience. Thank G-d for ProDermix®, it changed my life.”

Fred H. Chestnut Ridge NY

ProDermix for Candida

“In the ninth month of pregnancy I took APD 4 strictly every day. I continued after I gave birth to my baby and I did not experience any yeast infections (candida). Thank you ProDermix”

GS Monsey, NY

“My Candida literally disappeared after two weeks on ProDermix® therapy. It works wonders!”

Rebecca S. Brooklyn, NY

“I used to suffer from bad Candida during pregnancy; since I’ve been taking ProDermix® I don’t have the symptoms anymore. Thanks. I am a ProDermix fan!”

Sara G. Monsey, NY

“I suffer from candida constantly. I was recommended to ProDermix® and I am now a happy candida-free person. New Square NY”

Esther B. New Square NY

“I suffered from excessive staining because of my candida. When I learned of ProDermix® my symptoms improved significantly.”

Relly S. Spring Valley NY

ProDermix for Cholesterol

“After taking ProDermix three months I had an appointment with my endocrinologist who tested my LDL cholesterol. He was surprised that it had been significantly lower. I attribute it to my strict regimen of daily ProDermix.
Thank you!!”

JWW Lakewood, NJ

“My cholesterol (LDL) is usually on the high side. My doctor advised me to follow a strict fat-free diet. Unfortunately, I did not restrict myself as I should have. I was very surprised at my next visit to find that my blood did not show a significant increase in my LDL cholesterol. I attributed it to my regimen of ProDermix®. The doctor was astonished.”

Al K. Suffern, NY

ProDermix for Colic

“My newborn infant cried and cried nonstop. We suspected she was colicky. I was advised to consume a good probiotic formula. I took ProDermix® and within 2 weeks her crying eased off.”

Wendy P. Wesley Hills, NY

“My baby suffered crying spells and we could not sleep. We discovered ProDermix powder for infants and everything changed. Thanks ProDermix.”

Joel & Chana C. Spring Valley, NY

“Our infant cried and cried and cried to no end. We were exacerbated. ProDermix powder formula gave us major relief. Thanks.”

Shimon & Rachel L. New Square, NY

ProDermix for Colitis

“My 17-year-old son suffers from acute colitis. Since he has begun taking ProDermix® on a daily basis his pain was relieved and he was able to decrease his medication.”

Tziporah Z. Jerusalem, Israel

ProDermix for Constipation

“I’ve always been constipated by nature. I tried many remedies unsuccessfully. ProDermix® eased my bowel movements. I feel much better since learning about ProDermix®.”

Jerry D. New Hempstead, NY

ProDermix for Dandruff

“I shampoo every day, but my dandruff must be immune to shampoo. It just keeps on coming back.My friend told me about ProDermix®. I am sure pleased to have finally gotten rid of my dandruff for good!”

Jerome G. Chestnut Ridge NY

“My head was always full of dandruff scales. The shampoos I used were only temporary relief. It was very embarrassing when the “snow” from my hair fell onto tables and counters. ProDermix® saved my dignity. My dandruff is now gone!”

Sandra W. New York, NY

ProDermix for Diabetes

“I’m a type 2 diabetic. I started taking ProDermix APD 2 mid April after an appointment to my doctor, by the beginning of May my doctor lowered my insulin by 27%. This stuff is great! Your product is great! Much success!”

Israel W., Lakewood, NY

ProDermix for Digestion

“My digestive tract is at ease since I became a ProDermix® user. I used to have very bad indigestion after every meal. My situation is much improved.”

K. B. Spring Valley NY

“I had a severe case of indigestion. My chiropractor recommended ProDermix® and I am different person. The relief is great!
Sol M. Monsey NY

ProDermix for Eczema

“When I received the Supreme formula, I was really excited about a product that would help boost our immune systems and help protect us from the flu. What I wasn’t really anticipating was how fast the eczema on my hands would clear up. Within just a few days of starting up Supreme, my hands were completely clear. ”
Laurie Adams Philomath, OR

“On a recent trip to the USA a doctor recommended Prodermix® to my husband for his itchy skin on his back. Amazingly after about two months there are a few side effects you may want to know about.The skin on his back is very smooth.The fungus around his nails on his foot and hands are very much improved, after many many years of different medications and creams And the weirdest of all: When we married twenty six years ago, my husband’s hair at age twenty five was turning white, and with the years he got progressively whiter. Here’s the craziest thing that happened. Now after taking one capsule a day of Prodermix® 1 for two months his hair is turning dark again. His mustache is already turning quite black and even his beard has many more black hairs than he had in quite a few years. After all these years, I might be married to a young man after all! Wishing you much success.”

B.L. Jerusalem

“The skin fungus on my hands finally cleared after consuming ProDermix® several months. That is some relief. Thanks! I recommended many friends to use ProDermix. You have an excellent product.”

M. Mandel Brooklyn NY

ProDermix for Energy Boosting

“ProDermix® improved my overall health within weeks of taking it.”

Jonathan Beverley
Running Times/Magazine

“I feel better after taking ProDermix® for a few weeks. I’m a huge supporter for probiotics, because they work! ”

Hayley Kolb Blackduck, MN

“The New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start to achieve your health and fitness goals with ProDermix®.”

Monique Fullowka Creighton, Saskatchewan

“ProDermix® changed my life! I feel energized and don’t need antibiotics. ProDermix® strengthens my immune system against colds and flus. It really works!”

Christine B. Wilkes-Barre, PA

“I feel really energized since I started ProDermix®.”

Robert S. Brooklyn, NY

ProDermix for Flu Relief

“I was amazed that taking 2 APD 2 every few hours makes the FLU symptoms disappear.”

Mark G. Monroe, NY

“We tried other brands of probiotics to conquer the FLU but they did not work. ProDermix is superior.”

Allen B. Wesley Hills, NY

“At 3:00 AM I woke up feeling nauseous and aching all over all the symptoms of the flu. I swallowed 2 APD 2 every 2-3 hours and by 3 in the afternoon I felt energized!”

AB Monsey, NY

“I woke up 8:00 in the morning aching all over and felt like vomiting. I felt all the pains of the flu. I took ProDermix every 2 hours and by 6 in the evening I felt like a new person.”

MB Spring Valley, NY

“My body was aching I felt nauseous and my head was throbbing. My brother advised me to take 2 capsules of ProDermix every 2 hours. After 6 hours I started to feel much better.”

JH Brooklyn, NY

“ProDermix® changed my life! I feel energized and don’t need antibiotics. ProDermix® strengthens my immune system against colds and flus. It really works!”

Christine B. Wilkes-Barre, PA

ProDermix for IBS

“My son and daughter suffer from IBS. They were taking heavy doses of medication before I discovered ProDermix®. They are taking the 50-billion formula, 4 or 5 capsules daily. My son is weaned off his medication. His pain subsided drastically. I am recommending your product to many people.”

Rachel R. Safed, Israel

ProDermix for Immune System

“I am ordering another bottle of ProDermix® probiotics, after having wonderful results from my first two bottles. I tried probiotics from other companies the last few years. I never experienced real change until ProDermix®.

R. L. Brooklyn, NY

I am a schoolteacher and I miss a lot of school due to sick days with colds and flu. After taking ProDermix®, I was able to overcome my flu symptoms. I needed less antibiotics and my body was able to fight the sickness. The sickness lasted a shorter time and I was back to school sooner and stronger. I made up my mind. This is the probiotic formula that really works wonders. I will never miss a day!

Thank you for your wonderful product”

Hana S. Scranton, PA

ProDermix for Infants Eczema

“My six year old son was finally relieved of his fungal skin infection when he used ProDermix.Our dermatologist gave us topical fungal creams that helped in the beginning. But, when the fungus became resistant to the creams one after the other our dermatologist had nothing more to offer. ProDermix offered the right relief. Thank you.”

Elizabeth C. Los Angeles, CA

“My nursing baby’s facial eczema disappeared after I took two weeks of ProDermix®. Thank you!”

G. Weiss New Square, NY

“My baby’s diaper rash would not go away. A friend told me how ProDermix® cleared a skin rash from her baby’s stomach. I tried ProDermix® and shortly afterwards the diaper rash was cleared.”

Branny B. Monsey NY

ProDermix for Overall Health

“ProDermix®: Cure-all in a bottle.
LA Justice

National Examiner/Magazine >

“Savings In Seconds! ProDermix®: A Probiotic That Goes Beyond the Rest!
Dianna Gardenhour

ProDermix for Psoriasis

My fifteen year old son suffered from debilitating psoriasis behind his ears, in his eyebrows and in his hair since he was 8 years old. He visited many dermatologists and skin care specialists. He took prescribed creams and lotions to no avail. The past three months he took 4 capsules of ProDermix APD 2 (10 billion) daily and 85 percent of his psoriasis is now gone!

ProDermix for Recurring Infections

“My 3-year-old son has a recurring ear infection most of last winter. I was by the doctor many times. Now I give him ProDermix® and the infection is gone, hopefully for good!”

Shirley H. Suffern, NY

ProDermix for Skin Fungus

“Thanx for your amazing ProDermix. I had terrible fungus on my fingers and nails. I tried ‘everything’ but nothing helped, until I discovered ProDermix, which I take every day.”

ML Monsey, NY

“The skin fungus on my hands finally cleared after consuming ProDermix® for several months. That is some relief. Thanks! I recommend ProDermix® to many of my friends. You have an excellent product.”
M. Mandel Brooklyn, NY

ProDermix for Thrush

“I had painful thrush. When I nursed my infant the pain was searing. I consumed ProDermix® orally and emptied the contents of a capsule on the thrush area. Within several days the thrush was gone!”

Beverly J. Wesley Hills NY

“My baby suffered from a thrush infection two weeks It seemed very painful. ProDermix powder formula helped immensely.
Thank you.”

Judy B. Airmont, NY

“I had a thrush infection and so did my nursing bay, it was very painful. We both used the powder formula from ProDemix and it helped.”

Shiela K. Suffern, NY

ProDermix for UTI

“I had a recurring urinary tract infection that was pestering me on and off with antibiotics. I started a ProDermix® regimen and the infection stopped coming back. ProDermix® saved the day!”

Bertha R. Brooklyn, NY

ProDermix for Yeast Infections

“Thanks to ProDermix®, my vaginal yeast infection cleared after two weeks. I continue taking the probiotics and my infection has not returned.”

B.K. Monsey, NY

“My yeast infections kept on coming back after I took prescribed medications. I was at the end of my wits, until I discovered ProDermix®. I am now fine!”

Elena W. Brooklyn NY

“I am a ProDermix® fan. I began taking ProDermix® to ease my vaginal yeast infections. But, to my surprise, my podiatrist noticed that the calluses on my feet are softer and smaller. I was surprised and thankful ProDermix® has many benefits.”

Betsy G. Wesley Hills NY

“My yeast infections give me great discomfort constantly. I started taking ProDermix®, and now my yeast infections are history. Hope it stays that way.”

C. Braun Spring Valley NY


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