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    Exciting NEW Book!

    The old adage “an army runs on its stomach” could easily be applied to your digestive health. There’s an invisible army inside your gut, charging and overtaking toxins, pollutants, and antibodies that threaten your health.

    To enjoy a healthy and energetic life, you need these tiny microorganisms to do their job. But it’s easy for them to get out of balance and cause a whole host of health problems, including athlete’s foot, skin rashes, allergies, digestive problems, sleep disorders, and high cholesterol.

    Probiotics offer relief for more than fifty maladies. You can learn how to flush harmful toxins and bacteria out of your body, differentiate between good and bad microbes, and combine probiotics with a healthy diet and proper exercise.

    Discovered more than a hundred years ago by Nobel Prize winner Elie Metchnikoff , probiotics support what holistic healers have known for centuries: you can introduce good bacteria into your system that will engulf and destroy harmful cells.

    Solve your health problems, protect your immune system, and energize your life with Probiotics for Life.