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About ProDermix - The Better Probiotic Supplement

There’s no other way to describe our start than this: ProDermix® was a lucky accident.

In the early 2000s, ProDermix® creator and founder Usher Brecher began taking oral probiotics (the healthy bacteria that aid the digestive system) to improve his overall health. He was looking for a boost in vital minerals and vitamins to organs in the body, as well as improvement in his digestive system. He played with dosages and ingredients as he crafted his own personalized probiotic blend to maximize benefits.

But suddenly, Mr. Brecher noticed that a few other things started happening. The skin on his feet had become smoother, softer, and a lifelong problem had been eliminated — athlete’s foot.

How did it happen? His unique probiotic blend had actually had an effect on the skin (the epidermis, specifically) and strengthened it against infection.

Soon after the discovery, Mr. Brecher recommended his breakthrough probiotic blend to friends and family members as a new weapon against skin fungus. All embraced ProDermix® and its healing effects!

Naturally, the next step was to approach fellow holistic healing believers with experience in the profession. Drs. Dov Widenbaum and Stanley Miller, both chiropractors in New York, administered ProDermix® on themselves and willing patients — all to positive results and much acclaim.

From there, ProDermix® grew and expanded into a viable product that’s now in demand in a number of locations , from health food stores and pharmacies to doctor’s office and supplement stores.

The ProDermix® advantage can now be yours!

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The old adage “an army runs on its stomach” could easily be applied to your digestive health. There’s an invisible army inside your gut, charging and overtaking toxins, pollutants, and antibodies that threaten your health.

To enjoy a healthy and energetic life, you need these tiny microorganisms to do their job. But it’s easy for them to get out of balance and cause a whole host of health problems, including athlete’s foot, skin rashes, allergies, digestive problems, sleep disorders, and high cholesterol.

Probiotics offer relief for more than fifty maladies. You can learn how to flush harmful toxins and bacteria out of your body, differentiate between good and bad microbes, and combine probiotics with a healthy diet and proper exercise.

Discovered more than a hundred years ago by Nobel Prize winner Elie Metchnikoff , probiotics support what holistic healers have known for centuries: you can introduce good bacteria into your system that will engulf and destroy harmful cells.

Solve your health problems, protect your immune system, and energize your life with Probiotics for Life.

Below is a interview with Usher Brecher that appeared in the Mishpacha magazine.

Mishpacha:  What is the science behind probiotics?

Usher:  There are more than 1,000 different types of bacteria that live in our digestive tracts, helping us to break down food and absorb nutrients – but the good news is that many of them are healthy. These probiotic bacteria not only stimulate digestive health, but also support a healthy immune system. And a healthy immune system can avert

or combat a host of ills. Basically, supplementing with probiotics helps to shift your intestinal “microecology” to your advantage, helping your body to absorb vitamins, nutrients, and minerals more effectively; to produce more antimicrobial compounds (to curb or suppress the growth of mirorganisms); and to augment your body’s overall immune response.

Mishpacha: Can’t one get probiotics from food?

Usher:  Absolutely! Plain unflavored yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, miso, pickles, tempeh, kimchi and kombucha tea are all rich with probiotics. The problem is that most people do not eat these foods regularly and that they have no way of knowing how many probiotics they are ingesting. With probiotic supplements, the amount of probiotics per capsule is clearly indicated on the label. For example, ProDermix® probiotics are provided in three different amounts – 5 billion CFU’s, 10 billion CFU’s and 20 billion CFU’s. CFU’s, by the way, stands for “Colony-Forming Units.” It indicates the density of viable bacteria in a product.

Mishpacha: Why do you provide probiotics in varying amounts?

Usher:  It’s important for people to build up their intake of probiotics gradually, so their bodies can accommodate it. Once they have adjusted to a daily intake of 20 billion CFU’s, they should begin to see improvement in their skin condition.

Mishpacha: Who should be taking probiotics?

Usher: I would recommend probiotics for everyone, because the intestinal villi – small, finger-like projections that protrude from the epithelial lining of the intestinal wall – get clogged and less effective over time, due to the buildup of undigested food. It’s kind of like what happens to the lungs of a smoker. Probiotics can help clean out this intestinal “sludge.”  More specifically, probiotics can help restore the “balance of power” to your digestive system’s good bacteria after you have taken antibiotics. Of course, there are even more good reasons – 55 to be exact – to choose ProDermix.

Mishpacha: You have 55 reasons that make ProDermix preferable to other probiotics?

Usher: Yes! Almost all other probiotics on the market claim to support gastrointestinal and immune system health – and ours does that too. But we were the first – and, to my knowledge, still the only – manufacturer

to offer probiotics specifically formulated to remedy specific conditions. Conditions like athlete’s foot, acne, dandruff, flu, urinary tract infections, and women’s yeast infections (candida). If you go to our website, www.prodermix.com, you’ll find 55 symptoms that ProDermix products can relieve. And remember, we’re not just talking about temporary symptom relief. By taking the ProDermix probiotic blends regularly as recommended, those symptoms can stay gone.

Mishpacha: What else makes ProDermix a superior probiotic?

Usher: Several things really. First, our products’ potency is guaranteed to expiration date, which is one year from the time of manufacture. Other probiotics makers indicate potency at the time of manufacture – which means that their products can lose up to 90% of their potency within three or four weeks.

Second, our formulas contain prebiotics (FOS or inulin) which can increase the formula’s power by a factor of 10 or even 1000. Third, our formulas are manufactured in a state-of-the-art GMP 9000 registered facility – third-party certification of compliance with “Total Quality” manufacturing standards. Quality of all ProDermix ingredients is further ensured by a unique ID certification, similar to a genetic fingerprint, that verifies authenticity and viability.

Finally, all ProDermix products are certified kosher and guaranteed to be free of common allergens, preservatives and fillers as well as gluten and dairy proteins.